Thursday, 7 May 2015

30 Days of Lolita Challenge: Week 1

At the start of the month, i decided to take on the 30 day lolita coordinate challenge. I don't wear lolita as much these days so i thought it would be good to keep me on my toes with my coordination skills. As you will see, my style heavily leans towards otome kei, and my outfits are on the border between lolita and otome.

Day 1. Something simple, more otome than lolita. I wore this to hand out resumes, and i got a job wearing this! I was so happy.

Day 2. Simple floral offbrand coord with my new Bodyline JSK.

Day 3. Toning down a sweet print with brown.

Day 4. Wiz Me Over The Rainbow

Day 5, more sweet turned classic with Glass Bottle of Tears.

Day 6, strawberries!

 And finally, day 7. I had the day off today so i wasn't so tired and put together something a bit more elegant.

Lets see if i can keep this up for another week!


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