Thursday, 30 April 2015

Bodyline Blouse Review L523 L581

I'm always buying main pieces instead of blouses, and it's been some time since i bought some new ones, so i decided to get two off Bodyline that i have been looking at for awhile. I got the "new" blouse L581 and another chiffon style blouse, L523. I wanted to review both of these since i haven't seen much information about either of them yet.

I must apologize for the quality of my pictures in advance, my camera doesn't pick up darker colors so well, but i have done my best to capture some of the details.

Okay, onto the review!

First up, the new blouse L581. I got it in brown, size 2L. It cost me 3599 yen. Unfortunately Bodyline has since put the price up to 4499 yen.

The blouse comes with a detachable bow and small cameo pin. I was surprised that the bow wasn't sewn on to the blouse, but it's nice to have the option to remove it. The cameo pin is of good quality and i will probably use it for other purposes aswell.

The fabric feels really nice to touch and the elastic is very stretchy and not pinchy at all. It fits me very well with room to spare, even though my waist is a couple of cms larger than the max waist measurement, so i'd say it runs slightly large. I had a little bit of trouble telling the back from the front of the blouse as they are pretty much identical, but i don't think it matters too much. There is also no zip or buttons in this blouse, so it relies on the elastic waist. The color is a rich chocolate brown, i believe it's accurate to the stock pictures.

The lace is also pretty nice on this blouse for Bodyline, it's not the softest lace but it doesn't look overly cheap in my opinion. The ruffles are well placed on the cuffs and the neckline and it doesn't look gaudy or over the top. The sleeves are a small bell shape. I would not recommend this blouse for someone taller or with longer arms however as they are not overly long.

Overall i think it's a great blouse, and it was definitely worth what i paid, although i am disappointed that the price has been put up because i would have bought it in another color. Personally i am not sure if i would pay the new price when i could get something of equal or better quality for taobao or secondhand brand. That being said, this blouse is just as nice as one of my Metamorphose chiffon blouses. The fit is great, the lace is acceptable, the material is nice and i am very happy with it.

The other blouse i purchased was L523 in Black, It cost me 2699 yen, again in size 2L.

The back of the blouse. When i tried this blouse on, i was surprised how big it was in the waist. It actually gapes quite a bit on me, and i definitely could have sized down for this one. I was impressed with the way it fit in the shoulders and arms.

The fabric on this blouse is similar to the other one, maybe a little bit thinner but sturdy. It's very soft and the elastic again is very stretchy and the color is a rich true black.

The sleeves on this blouse are quite a wide bell sleeve. I think it would be good for a more OTT coordinate. The ruffles aren't too overpowering and i think they are a nice size in proportion to everything else.

Overall i am very happy with this blouse, and i think it's wonderful for the price and a great addition to the wardrobe. I will be investing in another one in the future, but definitely size down if you are inbetween sizes. As with the previous blouse, i wouldn't recommend it for someone with long arms as the sleeves may be an awkward length.

So thats my review! I hope this will help anyone thinking about buying either of these blouses.


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