Friday, 15 May 2015

30 Days of Lolita Challenge: Week 2

This week was quite challenging for me, as i just started a second job and so i haven't got much spare time to put things together, but i managed! I must apologize for the quality of some of these photos, as i am working so much i am getting home quite late and a lot of these photos are taken just before sunset. I hope you enjoy!

Day 8. I love pairing red with everything, as you can see. I just love how it compliments and brightens some outfits. Strawberry chocolate anyone?

Day 9. This outfit i wore to a small meetup with my community. We went to glow in the dark minigolf, then i had pancakes for dinner, it was an amazing day!

Day 10. A nice summery outfit. I think this dress was just made for country lolita, it's so cute.

Day 11. All the tartan! It was quite dark when i got home to take these photos so i had to put a filter on them sadly :(

Day 12. A simple otome outfit. ETC Dresses are so comfy, i need more.

Day 13. ETC again. I love the strawberries on this dress, they are so vivid and the print is crisp and bright.

And day 14. This dress was one of my first classic style dream dresses. I am so happy to own it.

Thats it for this week! Crossing my fingers i can make it through the next week, well i'm halfway through this challenge, i can't give up now :P


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