Monday, 25 May 2015

30 Days of Lolita Challenge: Week 3

3rd week down! I have really been feeling the challenge in this one. It's certainly not easy to make time each day to create a coordinate when you have a busy life but i think it's a good motivator and i am enjoying it overall. I hope you enjoy seeing my second last week of coordinates :)

Day 15. I get some mori vibes from this outfit, and i love it. This cape is so cute and warm to wear in the colder weather.

Day 16. I don't often wear gothic lolita but this dress is really lovely. I feel the blouse goes with the OP very well. I haven't worn it yet, i'm saving it for a special occasion.

Day 17. I love pairing different colors with Musee du Chocolat.

Day 18. This dress is very special to me. I need more floral prints!

Day 19. More florals. I am in love with that little mushroom brooch from Mulberry Chronicles.

Day 20. I love this dress so much, i wish i had more occasions to wear it.

Day 21. I have had a coordinate like this in my head for quite a while, i'm glad i could put it together finally. I'd love to wear this to a carnival themed meetup.

Thats all for my third week! I'm excited to finish this challenge, and i will update my blog with the final week of coordinates when i'm done.
Thanks for looking!


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  1. I love the range of styles you have in these outfits, but I think my favourite is your carnival themed one. So cute!