Monday, 27 April 2015

Melbourne Community Buy/Sell/Swap Meetup Haul

This past weekend i was fortunate enough to attend the MLC swap meet at the Dan O' Connell hotel in Carlton. I had no idea what to expect, as this was my first lolita swap meet, but i had an amazing time and bought some great things.

This was my coordinate for the day, i went for something simple and easy to change out of just in case i needed to try anything on, which was a good idea because i ended up trying several things on.

I thought i'd share what i picked up on the day, and i bought quite a bit, so here we go!

The first dress i bought was Angelic Pretty's Wonder Party Shirring JSK in Sax with the matching headbow. This dress has been on my wishlist for quite some time, and i am very happy to give it a new home.

The next dress i bought was Peppermint Foxes Crowning Glory JSK in Navy. I have also been lusting after this dress for quite awhile, and i got it quite cheap because of a factory flaw with the printing, which doesn't really bother me. I am so happy to add this dress to my collection.

The last dress i bought was this older Bodyline dress. It's without a doubt my best purchase of the day, i only paid $15 for it and it is the nicest dress i have ever had from them. I'll definitely be keeping this one.

Here are some socks i bought. From left is AP Coat of Arms OTK in Navy, AP Drink Me OTK in Sax and super cute offbrand lacy socks.

The Drink Me socks were the first thing i bought when i walked in the door, they have been on my wishlist for awhile and i was so excited to see them there. Funnily enough they match perfectly with Wonder Party which i bought shortly after.

Accessories~ I wish i bought some more but i was just so overwhelmed by all of the things and i was having such a hard time deciding on what to buy. The little Peppermint Fox stamp brooch is my favourite, and i finally have a plain red beret, success!

I bought some adorable art from my lovely friend Bonnie and Thaleia from Pep Fox. I can't get enough of those tiny plants! I also bought this cute bunny towards the end of the day. He's happily sitting on my bedside table. I can't wait to get frames for these :)

I finally got a new wig aswell, i pondered on a few that day but i am very happy with this one, it's nice and soft and the perfect length.

The last thing i bought was this Infanta blouse for $10. I couldn't say no to a cheap blouse, and you can never have enough blouses in your wardrobe.

Overall i think i did great! I spent a lot more than i thought i would and i got some great deals and knocked a few things off my wishlist, and all of the girls had very reasonable prices. I'm looking forward to another swap meet in the future.


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  1. You got a fantastic haul! I know that feeling of spending too much but if they were good deals and things you'll wear a lot there's nothing wrong with it :)