Sunday, 19 July 2015

Bodyline Sailor Dress Review (Costume839)

Recently Bodyline released this sailor style dress, which is "heavily inspired" by an Innocent World JSK.

The Innocent World dress on the right, and the Bodyline version on the left. Now, i'm not a fan of replicas myself, but this dress isn't a direct copy of the Innocent World dress. I actually prefer the look of the Bodyline version to be honest.

The double stripes give it a more distinct look and the striped bow ties in better with the dress imo, aswell as it being a pretty generic sailor design. Obviously, Bodyline took heavy influence from the original, but i feel that they are different in quite a few ways.

I paid about $65AUD with the free airmail, and it got to me in about 1 1/2 weeks which is pretty standard for me. I bought the green colorway in size 2L.

When i opened my package i was amazed, because i hadn't received the dress in Bodyline's usual red packaging, it was actually packaged in a dress bag with a hanger and all! As a result my dress was far less wrinkled than it would have been if it was folded up in the standard packaging.

 I'm not sure if this will be a recurring thing from Bodyline in the future but i thought it was a nice touch.

On the hanger there was a clip with "2L" written on the side and the tag and detachable bow also attached to the hanger.

Here is the dress from the front. The stock picture is pretty accurate for color, it's a nice rich green which is what i was hoping for.

The fabric is quite thick, despite the dress giving more of a summer feel. I'm okay with this because the green colorway will be nice for the current cool season, but it might not be ideal for someone who lives in a warmer climate.

Bodyline lists the measurements for the 2L as follows:

Back of Center Length: 92cm
Bust: 90-94cm
Waist: 76-80cm

I am right on the upper measurements with my bust and i'd say these are pretty accurate. The bust could probably go up a few more cm but the elastic isn't very forgiving.


Close up of the bodice. The buttons are plastic, but they feel secure.

The collar has these hidden snaps under the collar to help get in and out of the dress.

The back of the dress. There's not really much to say about it, it's a pretty standard sailor collar. The dress has a sturdy side zip.

The only weird thing about this dress is that under the collar, the corset loops just kind of stop? Even though the elastic goes all the way up to the neck. It doesn't affect the wearability or the look since you can't see it under the collar but i thought it was a bit strange.

I wish i could have added some worn pictures but unfortunately weather has not permitted me to. Overall i'm pretty happy with this dress and i think its not bad for the price, its one of the nicer dresses i have owned from Bodyline. If you don't mind knock offs i'd recommend buying it, or waiting for a sale to snap it up!

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  1. Thanks for the review, I've been interested in this dress since it was released.

    1. You're welcome! I wanted to review it since there isn't much information out about it yet :)

  2. They package costumes in the hangers and lolita stuff in the red bags. I was surprised when I ordered my cousin's cosplay from Bodyline in March and it came with a hanger and garment bag but the next few orders were lolita stuff and it all came in the same old Bodyline bag.
    It looks like they use the same techniques on this dress that they use to construct their seifukus and mix it with the techniques they use on their lolita stuff. That's kind of really great because they apparently identified what they're good at, found a simple design they knew they could do with some adjustments, and executed it without it coming out a mess. In fact, I think that since the double stripes are a design feature carried out in so many parts of the dress, it's more balanced than the original.
    I've been afraid to buy some of the more lolita kind of stuff from their costume section because I get scared the skirt wouldn't be full enough to fit a petticoat properly but this gives me hope.

  3. I said I'd ask anyway but are there waist ties? It's about 10/13cm too small for me.