Saturday, 11 July 2015

A Weekend in Melbourne

At the end of last month i had the pleasure of visiting Melbourne for a meetup and catching up with my dear friend Bonnie.

On Saturday i attended a small meetup at a plaster painting place, and i had a lovely time painting away. I decided on a small flower plate and a mug which i painted in corresponding colors. Unfortunately i didn't get a photo of my mug because it didn't look very good with the stickers i used for dots left on it, but here is the plate i painted!

This was my coordinate for the day. It was more otome than lolita but i thought it was appropriate for the event! Unfortunately i look quite dishevelled here which is my fault, so just pretend everything is in place :P

I went to San Churro after the meetup with one of the girls and shared these amazing churros!

On Sunday i went to the city to visit the cat cafe and go to a sushi train for the first time, this was my outfit for the day! I only had room for one pair of shoes and one bag so i had to try and plan my outfits around them.

I took a lot of photos at the cat cafe, they were all so cute and fluffy! 

              We went around lunch time, they were a bit sleepy before having their lunch but they perked up a bit after eating!

 I loved this kitty tree house! It looks like a lovely place to take a nap.

  Kitty heaven!

 My favourite cat was this big fatty, he was 7 years old! You can't see how big he is in this photo but he had a big belly that dragged along the ground hehe.

  Next we went to the sushi train, i was so excited because i have never been before, it was amazing! I'm very happy i got to go.


 Afterwards we went to get crepes and bubble tea. I tried a new flavour of tea, Grapefruit! I actually really loved it, i'll have to get it again!

I had an amazing weekend and i can't wait to come back, thanks for reading!

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  1. Cats, food and crafts... sounds like an awesome weekend!