Sunday, 8 March 2015

Closet Child/Y!ja Haul Part I

Over the last few weeks i have aquired a couple of wishlist pieces aswell as some lovely new additions to my wardrobe, so i thought i would share!
I will be doing this in two parts, because there is still more to come ;)
I used Buyee for my y!ja purchases, i may do a review of their services in the future.
Chocolate Quartet Napoleon JSK in Ivory

After selling the collared version of this dress i was a little regretful because i really loved the print and the details are just beautiful, so i added this version to my wishlist.

I picked it up quite cheap from Closet Child not long after and i am so happy with the cut of this dress. If you are looking to buy this dress i highly recommend it, but you may be surprised to know that the Ivory color actually has a subtle minty color to it, i quite like it though.

Innocent World Trump Rose JSK in Green

I found  this lovely 2007 Innocent World JSK while browsing y!ja randomly. I thought it was beautiful, and even though i have had issues with Innocent World before i decided to give it a go.

When it arrived i was pleasantly surprised that it was made from a nice corduroy  fabric, which will be great for the colder months, and it actually fits me very well, the bodice is quite flattering. The details on this dress are so nice and i love the tiered skirt.

Angelic Pretty Jewel Ribbon Boston Bag, Berry Berry Bag and Innocent World Rose Lace
Book Bag

I also got a few of bags recently, the strawberry bag and the book bag being wishlist items for me. I got the AP Boston Bag from y!ja and the other two from Closet Child.

I have been looking for the red version of the berry bag for quite some time, and the Innocent World book bag i thought i would never find for a non-outrageous price so i never bothered to officially put it in my wishlist. I found both for a great price and thanks to my Closet Child nabbing skills now are both mine!

Alice and The Pirates Pearl Bolero in Wine/Red

I also got this cute Alice and the Pirates Bolero from y!ja for less than 3000yen. I told myself i would get more boleros this year because they are great versatile items, and i love using red as an accent color so i decided to get it. It's somewhere between Wine and Red but i'm sure i'll be able to match it with other pieces.

Angelic Pretty Melty Ribbon Chocolate Beret in Bitter and Musee du Chocolat Necklace in Ivory

And lastly i got these two items from Closet Child. The beret has been on my wishlist pretty much since the series came out, and the necklace is the same color as my Musee JSK so i couldn't pass it up.

I hope you enjoyed this post! I will be doing the second part of this haul in a few weeks or so when i have everything in my possession.



  1. So you were the one who snagged the berry bag and the chocolate beret from closetchild! I need to be faster.
    Jokes aside, very lovely haul.

    1. Yes that was me! My apologies haha. Thankyou very much :)