Sunday, 1 February 2015

Birthday High Tea at By Josephines

This previous weekend i was lucky enough to have high tea with two lovely girls to celebrate my 20th birthday. I was so excited to go back after visiting the shop to make my booking.

Before meeting up with the other girls i had some time so i did a little bit of shopping. I came across this adorable shop that had a whole area just for hello kitty. Unfortunately they were pretty expensive so i just took a photo to admire.

We had a table set up for us ready for our arrival with a drinks menu with a very nice selection of beverages.

I decided to go for this refreshing raspberry and mint drink, i was surprised when it came just how minty it was! I ended up taking the mint out since it was a bit too strong for me.

The beautiful treats we were supplied with! My favourites were probably the cute mini sandwiches on the bottom right and the raspberry and orange blossom tarts up top.

We were also given this cute little bowl of mini macarons! I can honestly say that Josephines macarons are the best i have ever had.

Here was my outfit for the day. Dress, Headbow and Tights by Angelic Pretty, Bag by Metamorphose and the rest is Taobao and Offbrand.

I just had to get some macarons to take home with me. They were packaged very carefully in this lovely tissue with a sticker on it.

I got 3 earl grey macarons because they were my favourite, aswell as orange blossom, gingerbread and rosewater flavoured macarons, all of which were delicious!

I had such a fun day, i felt very spoilt and i'm very thankful to have spent it with such lovely people.


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