Monday, 19 January 2015

Melbourne Visit and Shopping Haul!

Living nearly 4 hours away from Melbourne city, i don't really get the opportunity to visit much, however, i love the city dearly, the lights and hustle and bustle, there's always something interesting happening. 

I love the sense on anonymity that i get when i visit big cities.
I am one small person in this huge world but i make up a small part of it. I'm dying to move closer and i relish the opportunities i get to visit Melbourne.

Anyway.. This past Saturday i had to visit Melbourne for a few things, and i had a lot of time to kill afterwards. Naturally, i went shopping! And i visited some very lovely shops.

The first thing i did was visit By Josephine, a lovely cafe in Brunswick in which i had decided to book in for High Tea to celebrate my 20th birthday in a couple of weeks time. I saw some photos of girls in my lolita community who had gone there previously and it looked like such a beautiful place with yummy food, and i was right!

They had such an amazing selection of macarons and sweets, as well as some lovely savoury treats. I decided to get a couple of macarons to try, unfortunately they got squished in my bag before i could take a picture due to their delicate nature, but i got an earl grey macaron and a salted caramel macaron, both of which were absolutely delicious, and the best i have ever had! I am very much looking forward to having high tea here.

In addition to the ready to eat items, they had a lovely collection of takeaway items including spreads and meringues. I'll be sure to pick some of these up next time!

Onto the city, i ended up in Melbourne Central and i found a Lush store. I have been seeing quite a lot of posts on Tumblr about their bath bombs and products so i decided to buy a couple. Stepping inside Lush, there is such a great aroma that fills the store, and so many lovely smells about.

I ended up buying a creamy candy bubbler, which smelled like sweet candy of course, an avobath bathbomb which is very citrus-y (my favourite!) and a sunnyside bubbler, which is basically just a bar of golden glitter haha.


Next up i visited the T2 store, i have never been there before despite my love of tea, and i was blown away by the selection they had!

There was far too many teas to choose from, and i settled for a lovely tea called "Girlie Grey" Which is a nice everyday tea with a hint of citrus, a little bit different from my normal standard Earl Grey tea. I'll have to go back next time i'm in Melbourne and get a nice fruity tea i think!


While in the city, i stumbled across a Rivers store, and i remember seeing a tumblr post about how Rivers had some very nice shoes suitable for classic lolita, which i wear primarily, and i hardly have enough mature shoes in my wardrobe, so i decided to have a look. 

Lucky for me, i found these two super cute pairs of shoes in my size on sale, both cost me only $13 together, bargain! They are really comfy and will be great for work coordinates since i'm always on my feet.

Some other cute things i picked up! An adorable textured pink cardigan from Savers in Brunswick, ankle socks from Rubi shoes, gold rings and cross necklace from Lovisa, super cute teacup ring and vintage necklace also from Savers :)

Shopping!! I also got some games from EB, but thats not very lolita related ;)

I finished off my day with a lovely dinner at one of the noodle bars at the station before my train home, it makes me hungry just looking at it. I can't wait to visit Melbourne again!


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